Life in Chaos' Heart

this website is shit
brought to you by my iPads dictation

yes so it seems that if I access this website using my iPad it will only let me see the mobile website which is pretty pretty shite

anyway so we ended up at some kind of pyramid I think we got here because it was X on some treasure map. ended dictation seems to be pretty good today. I spoke too soon that was pretty shite. yes we got a key to our safety deposit box in a bank and we got there we found a map and forward that map and that’s how we ended up at the pyramid. think I mustn’t have been paying attention to score remember actually entering the permit but when we got there at level one which I don’t know is that the top or bottom of this email which which would you be going out of. that sentence makes no sense I’m not going to repeat myself if you want to know what I was trying to say just asking. maybe it would help if I enunciated my words. i’ll be honest with you I didn’t think you would understand that word what you did. no it is in you you not not you reading this and my iPad added to my iPad would build understand the word enunciates. that was even worse than the previous sentence you moron.

so level one there was a two headed giant which is also known as an acting was just see if the iPad knows wasn’t getting is editing editing not eating acting as into headed goddamned giant. two headed giant is known as an acting ETT I N. okay so when I say eting eating something acting but I Castley spell it out I actually put it in capital letters I’m almost impressed but I don’t understand spacing in the world. this is all going to be complete jubilation game isn’t it. she Paresh you moron do you Buresh not jubilation I meant gibberish. Eugonic that time do you Buresh do you Buresh gym Buresh. G boorish you fucking moron should Buresh as in nonsense. nonsense this nonsense is gibberish gibberish look and they make me laugh and I can’t say the word gibberish G I PPE are IES H.

are you so there are also some carrion crawlers now let’s see if the iPad knows what that word is carry on clause big centipede things at the flesh. Holy crap it actually understood it when I said carry on clause that’s that I’m impressed carry on clause awesome. now you taking the piss could you understood me the first time but I can’t say that again we encountered to carry on clause. Carry on crawls. Carry on clause. I don’t understand how you understood me the first time but now everytime I say carry on clause 13 properly the word is carry on carry on clause. Beckett big ones that you flesh. Big centipedes that eat flesh.

because the acting had two heads it got to lose each turn either that or the dungeon Master was simply cheating like in the way that the giant had our bonus of +15 or something like that to its attack rules which is just fucking ridiculous. Nobby got to moves each turn it didn’t necessarily lose every turn it was actually pretty good. to moves as on the number 2 to moves each turn. pocket that will do. I guess pockets that well-known coursework you fucking moron. Cursewords or swearword.

yeah so big fight with the Giants and the worms and we eventually one I think Maritz killed the Giants and Oran killed the worms and maybe Ferrin kill the world as well all I know is that touring didn’t actually kill anything in that particular fight. we then did the usual thing of looking for treasure and I think it might have been Horan who found a sack which was talking to us as sacks usually do. so we opened the sack and there was a big ball in it and being attracted to all things that slightly resemble genitals torrent picked it up. it turns out that does some Elvish princess head in the hall which will help others to get around this maze she told is that she can give extra powers which she did Karin can now teleport no staff better or some shit like that.

it turns out that there are quite a lot of people already in the pyramid and of all split into separate fractions and different gangs and they’re fighting against each other also the walls of the Premier the magic of something and if your magical yourself you can actually use your will to change what I was like basically it’s a holiday. no not holiday I said hello deck like in Star Trek. yep and you can get my meaning from that it might actually be easier if I just typed this crackhouse but you know I hate typing on the iPad Air lashing make less sense if I try to type this.

so off we went looking for Dave the teeth link and terror Darren let the way I think we went east and then north and we ended up let’s are some area was covered in water and then some wizards popped out of the water. no lizards one of them might actually been a wizard that it was a mistake but the world before is always this. look at that sentence is nothing like what I just said I said they will lizards and one of them might have been the wizard of that is just a coincidence he was only was it first and then a wizard after. for fox sake is race is all listed his class is a wizard. he’s class is wasted and his race is lizard. Will it looks like a get one of the decking thing. so the lizards could only speak draconic so Torrin spoke to them and they told him which way they leave the team playing had gone and they allow us to pass on harmed they refused to give us any help other than that. all the shit that sentence started off so well the iPad even understood draconic and touring. Close enough. so off we went and I think we went north and came across some doors that were closed will probably overly cautious and Creeton open but eventually came to another door that was close.

oh yeah I forgot are touring did look for treasure in the pit of bodies and he got some really awesome looking swords Annamaria the top notch but when you try to take them away from the area they teleported back to the bit so you went and got them again and when he walked off better reported back to the pit and torrent not being want to give up went back to get the knives the sword sorry and when he tried to walk off the teleported back to the pit so then he decided at that are fun and judging the distance correctly as he wanted been an awesome monk he started to throw the swords at Marett and Horan and the saws were disappearing back to the pits just before it and it was awesome and I think Maritz might of pooed herself. Holy crap is almost got their name is correct then. anyway that was just a little side.

back to the other door that was locked we decided we were going to knock on it and see who opened it but we didn’t knock on it properly what we did was touring through his magic Schurick on at the door overall again and it’s returns his hand because of magic. know the door wasn’t locked it was closed chondrify to Sedlock I apologise now and then the door closed. some humans came out of the door and Maritz decided for some reason that we want to find them and she started to insult them all round decided that he was at a party miscasting you should just go around beating people up for the rest is deadbeat mop and we didn’t kill them we were some unconscious that important bit we did not kill them we just beat them into unconsciousness. one of them had a nickname that was big Dick out or something like that but in the end we decided that time up with the pants so we took their pants off them and type them all together with the pants which then lead us to discover that big Dick L did not have a big Dick. we tied them together with their own pants. our clients think I’m getting the hang of this I have to talk quite slowly so that the iPad can understand me properly.

so then we went into the next room which had some pillars I don’t know what the significance of the pillars was crustacean transported and in my book any pillar that doesn’t transport you just doesn’t need mentioning. we found some beds nothing special about them knocking on the marriage act but then we can open the door which had some rubble in front of it it might of in the toilet but beyond that there was a werewolf inside and as at actors or maybe just want greeters I don’t know but that’s when the session ended. Jesus Christ I better repeats that the werewolf ran towards us and I don’t know if it was attacking years or just running to greeters but that’s when the session ended.

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

After fighting off a dragon and closing another rift, our heroes trudge on along the coast to the pleasant seaside resort of Vansor. The weather has taken a turn for the worst, and Vansor is enshrouded in a grey and miserable downpour. The smell of salty sea and fish fills the air (or is that Orion’s feet?).

Our heroes, realising that they don’t actually know the whereabouts of Droog Trakken, decide to head to the tavern and ask after him there. Torrin thumbs through his Good Ale Guide to see if this inn, The Smooth Sailing Inn and Tavern, is listed. “Good quality ale, and with comfy, warm, spacious surroundings, but offset by rude staff and a spooky atmosphere. 3-1/2 stars.”

The barman affirms that Droog is staying at the inn, but isn’t present right now, and may be back later. Our heroes settle down with some smooth ales (unfortunately, cocktails were not on the menu) for the evening to wait for his return.

During the evening, the group is approached by three other patrons of the tavern.

The first is a female half-elf with one blind eye and a gold leaf tattoo on her arm. “Are you here for the trade fair?”, she asks. “Yes”, the group replies in an unconvincing manner, and enquires about Trakken. She hasn’t heard of him. The group learns her name is Terza, who is a member of the Goldleaf consortium. After learning the group doesn’t have anything to trade there-and-then, she leaves to return to her own table, saying “If you need anything trading, you come and let me know”. The group notice she is sitting with 6 others, all wearing some kind of uniform and all with identical tattoos.

The second approaches soon after. “Hi, I am Matthias Creel. Whatever she offered you, I will offer you more.” Torrin bluffs a reply intimating that she was offering to give the group beer. “I will offer you more barrels than you can carry!”, says Matthias. “What did you offer her in return?” “Err… an Orcish dagger… and a ceremonial sword?”, replies Torrin. “Let me know when you’re serious, because trading is NO LAUGHING MATTER” replies Matthias, scornfully, and returns to his table in a huff.

The third is brief, and all that is learned is that he is a Jeweller and Sculptor named Jandhal Phen, who is hoping to sell his wares the next day. Curiously, he has two bodyguards accompanying him.

The hour becomes late, and with no sign of Trakken’s return and having drunk and eaten their fill, the group decide to sleep for the night. Deciding not take any chances in an unfamiliar town, the group elects Torrin to watch whilst the others sleep.

As dawn approaches, slowly, gradually, a strange sound penetrates the pounding of the rain and the howling of the winds. Barely audible at first, it resolves itself into an alien, high-pitched keening. It resounds with loss, with sadness – the lament of a mother who has lost her children or of the sailor stranded far from home (or perhaps the sound of orgasming mermaid, according to some). It echoes from over the waves of the sea and grows ever louder until the storm has receded into the background. It fills the ears, insinuates itself through the mind and the soul, until one can think and dream of almost nothing else. Neither beautiful nor comforting, it overcomes with an irresistible urge to follow the source of the sound.

Marrit, Theren and Orion succumb to the bewitching sound, and rise from their slumber and begin to make their way out of the room where they were sleeping. Torrin wakes Mac, who can by now also hear the sound, but neither are affected like the others. Macdar immediately realises something odd is going on, and that the others are under some kind of outside influence, and that they need to be snapped out of it.

Which he does. By hitting Theren. In the face. With his throwing shield. “Ow! My face! What’s going on?” exclaims Theren, snapping out the trance-like state. Torrin approaches Marrit, to slap her out of it, but hesitates as he doesn’t want to hit an unarmed woman. Mac, of course, has no such qualms, and smacks her using his shield with exceedingly great force. But, to no avail, she’s still under the influence. Torrin instead now chooses to apply his healing skills. Success! Marrit comes out of the trance-like state. “In your face, sound from the sea!”, he exclaims in victory.

Meanwhile, no-one has noticed Orion make his way out of the room and down the stairs. The rest of the group follow after him, where they see the other tavern guests (Jandhal, Matthias, Terza and their entourage) walking in the same trance-like state out the door.

Intrigued by what is happening, our heroes decide to follow Orion and the others – at a safe distance – to see where they are heading. Mac, noticing that the tavern staff are nowhere to be seen, decides there’s no time like the present to continue drinking, and grabs a sneaky tankard of beer to see him along.

As everyone proceeds through the streets of Vansor, the group of zombie-like people turns into a small crowd, with everyone heading towards the sea. As the crowd approaches the shoreline, the first people begin to wade into the water, seemingly without pause.

Alarmed that people may start drowning, Torrin decided enough is enough, and breaks out his Spinning Leopard Manoeuvre to bust some heads and make them snap out of it. He succeeds, including bringing Orion round, but there are still a few people walking onward into the waves. Marrit joins in the violent consciousness-bringing with a Storm Strike, which wakes up a few more people. Unfortunately, by this time, it is too late for the very first people, whose heads have disappeared under the surface of the water, not to return. The raging weather and stormy sea mean it’s too dangerous to try and go after them.

The sound gradually fades out, and those who have been saved look around them in a shocked manner. “What in all the god’s names was that? Let’s get the hell out of here!”, shouts Terza. “We can’t, the roads are all shit now!” replies one of her entourage, in a puzzling manner.

Whilst the crowd begins to converse amongst themselves, Torrin decides that it’s too suspicious that none of the tavern staff seemed to have been affected, so decides our heroes should return to the tavern and make an investigation. Macdar, on the other hand, is all pumped-up from shield-smacking and beer, and decides to form a vigilante mob and riot in a fiery manner through the town until they find who or what is responsible. Unfortunately, he’s not as convincing as he likes to think he is, so is only able to raise a small number of rabble-rousers – three in all.

The remainder of our heroes return to the inn, only to find it all quiet. Whilst poking around the main bar area, Theren spots a strange-looking book filled with what appear to be religious scribblings, but in a language no-one recognises. He swipes it in case it proves relevant later. Meanwhile, Torrin has proceeded to the tavern staff’s rooms, where he wakes up the barman. He has no idea what Torrin is going on about, and insinuates that the group have all been drinking too much, because he hasn’t heard anything and would they please let him get back to sleep. He appears to be truthful, so Torrin proceeds to the next-door room of one of the barmaids.

Startled by a 6’5" dragon-esque form bursting into her room, she screams. The grumpy barman comes rushing out of his room and demands to know what Torrin is doing. “Asking questions!” replies Torrin. “I want you out of here, you’re all bat-shit crazy!” he replies, angrily. Marrit tries to reason with him, but with her unintelligible dwarven accent and his angry state combined, she fails to get him to understand.

Having been chucked out, our heroes decide they need to get in touch with someone in the town who’ll listen. But who? The mayor, of course! So, they begin to head to the town hall…

(For those too young to get the title reference, <cough>Gareth</cough>, see here.)

Whine and Spirits

Having fought a bunch of irate spirits that had burst through a wall, the group decided to repair the wall in order to contain the spirits within, thus protecting the house of those old elvey people we met earlier. After repairing the breach, the group decided to walk along the top of the wall to seek out any further gaps in the wall.

Walking along, they saw a giant spirit absorbing smaller spirits into itself. This was bloody creepy. The group watched for a moment, mesmerised, until the big spirit came close enough for Marrit to twat him with her axe. Mac was curious about the absorbing thing, and wanted to find out more. He hopped down from the relative safety of the high wall into the midst of the spirits in the hope of becoming possessed and communicating with them. Promptly possessed and dominated, Mac initially found himself unable to communicate with the spirits, and the rest of the group was too busy trying to eliminate the attacking spirits to help him.

After Therin, Torrin, Marrit and Orion reduced the number of spirits slightly, Mac was able to question the large spirit. The spirits demanded that the group leave them alone and allow them to pass beyond the wall back into the realm of the living, were they would taste food and touch cats and stuff. The group stood firm in their mission. No spirits were to pass beyond the wall. They had to be stopped. Therin threw Macs protective amulet to him, breaking the possession.

Bleeding badly, but determined to go out with a bang, Marrit hopped down from the wall to deliver a powerful lightning attack to several foes, before being hoisted back to safety by a bloodied Orion. Finally succumbing to her extensive injuries, Marrit slid off the other side of the wall to shelter from the attacks, just as the final blows were struck by her friends, and the spirits faded into the air.

The group agreed to camp on the safe side of the wall. Tomorrow they will head into the heart of the forest to close the rift into the shadowfell.

When Lost met Supernatural
As dictated by Chris's iPad.

Previously on wife in chaos is hot the adventurers enters the forests of the dead and at first had a fight with some random monsters torrent me the day Chris nearly cried and then when they eventually one that finds. that should be eventually they win the fights and then they move on. They then came across a cottage in a clearing with a few other adventures outside and during the find some black mist watch more smoke which was later wrecked cons intervened black smoke would leave unconscious. that should be read conned. wrecked conned MetaCom. met conned you know changed in hindsight rack conflict interchanged.


Anyway during the finds the smoke the black smoke or should I say white smoke would be unconscious bodies and enter the bodies of the adventurers and take them over. find is quite find equals fight this thing is useless fight fight fight. find equals five no fight you idiot.

As I recall Marett have the most trouble with the white smoke eventually we all got into the cottage where an old couple lived torrent used salt to walk all the windows and entrances as he suspected that the white or black smoke was daemons off the show supernatural. I’m tricking the possessed adventurers to come over to the front door torrent whipping quickly open the door and throw salt in their face. this is caused the adventurers to fall unconscious and the white smoke left their body and estate round the back of the house. The old couple told us that they have lived there since the dawn of time and have been regarding some sort of portal to the realm of dead death or something like that. The old woman for some reason seems to really fancy Mac and wouldn’t stop touching him. After having a nights sleep the adventurers set off to track down the portal and close it when they got to the portal that or white smoke monsters Patacsil Gareth’s character Orien fell over it’s face and was unconscious for the rest of the fight. the flight went quite well and the adventurers eventually beat the monsters and now it’s left them to close the portal.

The Heart of the Matter

Having apprehended the nefarious Derk, Our intrepid heroes proceed to lead him to Charbridge, where he will face justice at the hands of the city watch. Along with Derk himself, the party had collected odds and ends of evidence against him. A book of Evil Rituals For Dummies, and a bag of magically invigorated human hearts. Marrit lead Derk along on a length of rope, like a dog on a leash, while Torrin carried the evidence. Maybe we should have given it to somebody less hungry and more vegetarian…

On arrival in Charbridge the group soon heard the sounds of fighting, and rounded a corner to find some of the city watch engaged in fighting a group of nasty wotsits and their grunts. Completely forgetting about their prisoner, Marrit legged it over to where a pair of grunts was kicking a guard as he lay on the ground. Orion and Mac scaled a nearby ladder onto a rooftop to get a better view of events, while Theren trailed behind Marrit – keeping his distance from the smelly grunts. Torrin went around the other side of the building to engage from a different angle.

Marrit made short work of the grunts, making protecting the fallen watchmen from the vicious attacks of the grunts her priority, while the others took care of the big guys. Poor Theren must have been pretty tired, and failed to land a single hit through the whole encounter. Orion and Mac made great sport of attacking from higher ground. Orion scored two critical hits with his Twin Strike move, causing an arrow to pass straight through one foe and kill another standing behind. Mac leapt from the roof to brawl with a dude on the ground. Torrin ploughed through foes with unusual vigour.

Suddenly a killing blow from Mac caused blood to splash into Orion’s luscious elven locks. At which point he went into a strop like a big girls blouse and he and Mac started scrapping. The fight was abruptly halted when Theren gave a shout and sprinted towards Derk, who’d only just thought to make a run for freedom. Orion fell down the ladder in his haste to get back onto solid ground – if Derk had got away, Orion would not have been able to clear his name.

Having rescued the overwhelmed guards, the group continued on to the watch-house, where they presented Derk and the evidence. Although the bag of hearts seemed lighter than it had been, nobody had the heart (ha ha!) to count them. The Captain of the Watch accepted the evidence presented, along with a list of helpful witnesses, as sufficient to prove Derks guilt, and thereby absolving Orion of suspicion. Mac, however; almost got himself arrested by using his heavy-handed seduction techniques on the watch captain, who was distinctly unimpressed.

Following a celebratory drink and a good night’s rest, the party prepare to resume their quest, venturing into the Forest of the Dead. Sounds delightful!

A bit of a ding-dong in a cave

Having been asked to solve a murder that had taken place in the village, the party reluctantly agreed to clear Orion’s name – though they were getting a bit sick of Orion’s stories, which invariably began promisingly, with the promise of great adventure and debauchery, and ended with a pile of poo being deposited somewhere unpleasant. Through careful investigation and sheer dumb luck, the party identified the killer as Derk, who had absconded to a nearby cave to hide out.

The party bimbled off to the cave, expecting a miner kerfuffle, and then a triumphant parade as they marched the killer back through Charbridge to meet his fate. However it quickly became apparent that Derk had picked this cave not as a hiding place to remain undetected, but as a place where nobody who valued his skin would dare to enter. Sucks to be us right now…

Entering the cave the intrepid group were immediately faced with a bunch of fire bats, and a giant nasty thing. Killed that and moved on. We put the ‘efficient’ in ‘super-efficient’.

As the party explored the cave, they realised that they’d have to cross a lava pit in order to progress deeper. Some of the party members were pretty athletic, the others were about as athletic as a 1-legged tortoise. In a rare display of teamwork, the party joined forces to help everybody cross unharmed.

Moving deeper into the cave, the party became aware of the chatter of voices at the entrance of a large chamber. They stopped, and Mac and Marrit attempted to creep forward to see who was in the chamber. Sadly, Marrit has all the stealth of a one-man-band and attracted the attention of some fire bats and kobolds. Marrit charged the fire-bats while the others pressed into the chamber to meet more firebats and the advancing horde of kobolds as they streamed through a narrow section of the cavern. Theren lifted his arm and muttered some fancy words, and as if by magic the kobolds all dropped stone dead! Awesome!

Hearing the commotion, a blue dragon appeared from somewhere and started to attack Marrit. Mac stepped forward to help and the two of them pounded that thing into dust. Derk then made an appearance but was unable to see short-stack Marrit behind a flaming Brazier. Orion stepped to the fight and let his fists do the talking. CRITICAL HIT!! I dread to think what Orion’s fists said with that hit – probably insults about Derks trouser-snake and a disparaging remark about his mother. Oh and something about poo. Torrin, Orion and Theren kicked the crap out of Derk until he surrendered.

Having cleared the chamber, the team set about looting the bodies of the fallen and the various chests and stuff in the room. There was some great treasure to be had. Orion and Theren got some new armour, Marrit found a new shield, and Mac and Torrin got some stuff too…

Armed with their new looty goodness, the team will now escort Derk back to the village to triumphantly announce their success and claim a reward.

Here Be Giants! (and old men)
Session #593

The previous session ended with us chasing an archer through the woods. We eventually arrived at a clearing, where four giants came out of hiding to ambush us. Blocking our escape was an Earth Giant, Stone Giant, Frost Giant and a Fire Giant. Just as the battle was about to commence a strange little old man appeared from the bushes, accompanied by seven canaries. He called us by name and infused us with some of his energy. The giants packed quite a punch and their defenses were strong, but with the old man’s help we managed to defeat them. We only had one near-death experience where Mac had to take a death saving throw. He saved against death and the old man healed him up.

After the battle the old man revealed that he knew us all quite well, and after closing a rift in the fabric of reality he told us where to find more rifts. He then ran off with one of Torinn’s prized shurikens. We searched the area and found a crap load of treasure. After completing our mission (delivering food and medicine to some needy deaf children) we headed straight for Moniford’s shop to buy some awesome magic equipment.

A Sad Day

Session 3

The group returned to Charbridge carrying the severed head of the Orc they’d found in the catecombs. The presented it to Borrin Moontone, the priest who had sent them on the errand. While they were speaking, a group of watchmen began to persue Jamaskos – brannigan joined the chase, while the others simply watched. Jamascos was eventually arrested, and the group – minus the tiefling – went to see Darrin. The party was keen to find out more about King Coronas. Darrin had an extensive library below his home, and allowed the group to look around it. As they entered the library, they were confronted by a spectral woman, who required to answer 3 questions to prove that they were worthy to read the ancient books. They found some promising information, which Darrin promised to continue looking into on their behalf.

The group then went to a cave for some reason, where there were lots of rats. Brannigan fought hard, but was eventually overxome by the rats and died. The group discovered some charred remains of something, and returned to charbridge, carrying the dead halfling.

Doings in the dark

February 4th 2010, 19:00

Our heroes from the bar fight (and Jamaskos) were joined by Theren, a warlock, for their search of the tombs. They crept quietly down the ancient steps into the catecombes, which serve as a tomb for the respected dead of Charbridge. Upon reaching the bottom, Torrin noticed movement in the ceiling and shouted “BATS!!” which disturbed the bats and sent them flying noisily away deep into the tunnels. A few members of the party grumbled that they’d now lost the element of surprise against the intruders, while Torrin gleefully scooped up some of the bat guano. As he straightened up, a soft groaning could be heard in the dark. The group froze to listen, the groans sending chills through them until Brannigan leapt forward and jogged into the tunnels. The others quickly followed and they soon found themselves entering a large cavern in which some ghouls and a wraith attacked them. The group fought bravely and eventually destroyed them.

Following the fight, the group explored a few rooms leading off the cavern, in which some coffins lay. They looted the coffins, and then, in a display of extremely un-watchman-like behavious, Brannigan proceeded to defecate on the deceased! This shocked the others, but they were unable to prevent him from doing this on several bodies. During their explorations the group found a few zombies in a tunnel. This fight proved difficult as one of the zombies was in a hole in the tunnel roof – attaching them from above. The heroes eventually triumphed and enountered a ghost guarding the tomb of the great King Coronas. He forbade the group to continue down the tunnel (probably wisely given Brannigans presence), but informed them that 3 orcs had been in the tombs recently. The group explored further and discovered a dead orc on the ground – the head some distance from the body. Marrit examined the head and noticed that it’s skin was not the paler blue hue of the Hammerfast orcs, but the dark grey of the mountain orcs.

Bar Fight!

It is a quiet day in Charbridge. Some of the residents are enjoying a drink in the Roundhouse Tavern when the sounds of fighting cut through the conversation. The sounds are getting closer and closer, until suddenly a hobgoblin bursts through the window of the tavern. Brannigan Greenwood, a member of the town’s watch grabs his weapon and prepares to defend the pubs patrons. Seeing the halfling squaring up to the goblins, some of the other patrons also took up arms. Torrin, a dragonborn monk uncurled from his meditations, and the dwarf warden Marrit Ironfist downed her pint and took up her battleaxe. Jamaskos a nearby tiefling also joined the fight, revelling in the chaos.

Marrit was a little unsteady on her feet, and seemed unable to land a blow on the hobgoblins as they poured in through the broken windows. She stuck close to Brannigan, believeing him to be the weaker of the party (yes, dwarves can be heightist too!) but he managed to land far more blows than she did. Torrin unleashed several devestating attacks, scattering hobgoblin corpses in his wake. Jamascos got so carried away in the fight that when the goblins had been beaten back, he turned on the terrified patrons, inflicting a ringing blow on a 1-armed man who just happened to ba the landlords son!

The landlord refused to speak to the group of fighters until Jamaskos had been removed from the premisis. Marrit, Torrin and Brannigan obliged him and shoved Jamaskos outside. The taven landlord was extremely grateful for their help and promised them free meals in the future.

As the group congratulates themselves on a job well done, a man approaches them and tells them that they have seen suspicious types lurking about the cemetary. He is concerned that this is linked to the unnusual timing of the hobgoblin attack and implores the group to inspect the vaults.


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