Life In Chaos’ Heart
The Empire of Coronas once stood proud, like a colossal statue in a barren courtyard. The empire sprawled from the whispering Sea to the Fires of Jollon, crushing any weak kingdom that stood in the way of its expansion. But, as is the case with sprawling empires, greed, corruption and laziness destroyed the heart. Evil liches, demons and cultists unleashed terrors on the world and the empire splintered into numerous pieces, little halos of light in an otherwise dark dangerous world. 6

On the continent of Goranya, cities like Hammerfast remained with their infrastructure largely intact, although the soul of the city is…. not what it once was.

Other places grew to combat the constant threat of monsters. One such place is Charbridge, where we begin our story.

There are these heroes, who are in a tavern. When suddenly…

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Life in Chaos' Heart

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