Macdar Stormfell

Macdar is the son of a swordmage, he spent his childhood watching and learning from his father. He listened to the tales of his father and decided to become an adventurer. With his basic training and attributes he decided on trying some fighting.

Macdar being as fearless as he is decided that he would go straight into the lions den and headed for the forest near his village (Rarnfell), which was usually full of Orcs. He wandered around, the adrenlin rushing, awaiting his first fight and soon found what he was waiting for – a big smelly blood soaked Orc. He challenged the Orc straight away to a fight and went in swinging. The orc snarled and fought back, taking Macdar by surprise, after a few swings and clashes of the sword, the orc had knocked Mac’s sword out of his hand and had pushed him down to the floor.

Macdar looked in horror as he watched the Orc raise the sword for the killing blow, teeth showing. Macdar caught the sword as it was going down for the possible fatal move and pushed the sword up into the Orc’s face, stunning it and quickly turning the sword and through the Orc ending its cruel life.

Recovering his sword, Macdar roared in victory, it is at this point that the trees and bushes began to shake and suddenly 20 Orcs emerged looking straight at Macdar. Macdar paused in shock and then held his sword ready to fight to his inevitable death, the one thought going through his mind is that he wasn’t afraid and would rather go out fighting, this gave him an odd smirk in the face of such odds. The Orcs then began to charge, closer they came, 30 feet, 20 feet, 15 feet. Macdar braced for a fury charge into the enemy, at that moment, bolts of lightening flashed, vaporising 6 orcs, then out of no where, arrows flashed past, Orcs fell to the floor. The final two orcs ploughed forward towards Macdar. With one swing, Macdar took both of their heads off. From behind him a group of adventurers walked out, they commented on his swing and carried on walking. Macdar stood, impressed with the skill they had demonstrated and admired the teamwork. From there, Macdar continued his journey, practicing his skills and fighting where he could, although he made sure not to be ambushed again and had learnt a lesson from his first encounter, he endeavoured though to be part of something great – a team, a fighting team as he knew from this encounter that alone, even though he wasn’t afraid of death, the tables could turn on a gust of the wind and that to survive he would need comrades and there he began his search. A search that took seven years, a search that led him to charbridge and a crossed path with a man called Orion Redspine.

He is one of the heroes of our story.
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Macdar Stormfell

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