Forest of the Dead

Stone Warrior Mountains
Vansor Forest of the Dead Woodsedge
The Black Forge

The forest is renowned for the eerie silence that pervades it. Some think that life cannot flourish here and that is why no natural sounds are heard.

Some know differently. Droman Heartland has made the forest his home after wandering the world for so long.

Notable Locations

Droman’s House

On the very edge of the forest lives Droman Heartland. A sentient metallic humanoid, He sought the solitary life after his master died. He lived alone at the edge of the forest for decades until his sedentary life was interrupted by a group of adventurers. He now resides in the Temple of Thessella.

The House of the Guardians

Located a third of the way in from the edge of he forest. The ancient guardians of the forest reside in this wooden hut. The guardians are:

  • Fulan Morfrey
  • Dridus Masterson
  • Norba the Red
  • Jo Borrowman
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Forest of the Dead

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