Population: 1,300.


When the ancient empire fell, one of the few structures that stood firm against the ravages of time was the bridge over the river Char. The land near the bridge was fertile and farmers began to trade with passing merchants, adventurers or roaming tribes.

As time passed, the houses, became distinct villages and then eventually grew to become one town. The locals knew that there was safety in numbers. Life is good if sometimes dull in Charbridge. The seasonal changes bring fresh dangers as Kobolds looks for a sacrifice in the summer and the Goblins look for food in the winter.


All races are welcome in the town of Charbridge. Humans, Elves and Dwarves are plentiful. Halflings are a sizeable minority, and there are even a couple of Dragonborn.

The town has close ties to Hammerfast a city that is about 3 weeks to the East. Both Hammerfast and Charbridge own a book. When someone writes in one book, the words appear instantly in the other. This allows communication between the two which is mainly used to for trade purposes.


Charbridge is ruled by a democratically elected mayor. The mayor’s term is 10 years long. The current mayor is Malen Derg who is 4 months into his second term.

There is also a representative’s council who represent various different aspects fo Charbridge’s life:

The Watch consists of 60 people under the command of Dorlan Leoamros.

Notable locations:

  1. Tower of Waiting
  2. Upper Quays
  3. Higher Bridge
  4. Nentir Inn
  5. Knight’s Gate
  6. House Azaer
  7. Marlowe’s World of Splendour
  8. Moontone Keep
  9. Forest of Weeping Souls
  10. Temple of three Gods – run by Drofuss Mandrake, Gedling Bolt and Prlane Sandiford
  11. The Roundhouse tavern
  12. The Nentir Falls
  13. Temple of Erathis – run by Borin Moontone
  14. The Bluffs
  15. The Catacombs
  16. Temple of Ioun – run by Quarion Feystrong
  17. Fallcrest Stables
  18. Wizard’s Gate
  19. Naerumar’s Imports
  20. Kamroth Estate
  21. Moonwash Falls
  22. Sorcerer’s Tower inhabited by Darrin Bronzebeard
  23. Blue Moon Alehouse
  24. Teedirthan’s Arms
  25. King’s Gate
  26. The Market Square
  27. The House of Sun
  28. All Your Needs – a shop run by Moniford Goodchange
  29. Lower Quays
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