A day has 24 hours in it. a week is eight days long and the month is 4 weeks long. The first of each month is a full moon. There are ten months in the year, plus two week long intervals:

  • Janar
  • Febar
  • Mar
  • Ar
  • Mayar
  • Junar
  • High Sun
  • Jular
  • Augar
  • Separ
  • Ocar
  • Low Sun

Each month a certain contellation is more noticeable than others. These are what the months are named for. Ar is the elven word for month so Janar is transalted as month of the Jan. In the month of Ar, no stars can be seen and the moon seems a bit brighter. No-one knows why this is the case.

The week long High Sun festival is between Mayar and Junar. The week long Low Sun festival is betweeen Ocar and Janar. The moon does not appear during these weeks.

Back when the empire was in its infancy, a Wizard named Grumfold sat down and made many predictions for the coming millenia. He gave names to each of the years that would follow for the bext seveal thousand years. Although his predictions were, to put it politely, rubbish, the names of the years have stuck. So the years aren’t given numbers counting from a specific time, but are still given the names that Grumfold gave them. The two previous years, the current year and the two next years are given below:

  • The Year of the Fiery Sky
  • The Year of Grey Water [previous year]
  • The Year of the Silvery Dragon [Current year]
  • The Year of the Stormy River [next year]
  • The Year of the Noble Wizard

The days of the weeks are named by combining a shortened name of a god with the Elven word for day (gren):

  • Corgren
  • Iogren
  • Pelgren
  • Melgren
  • Bahgren
  • Eragren
  • Avagren
  • Moragren

The current date is Augar 8th.

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