Brannigan Greenwood

Brannigan was originally from a large town called Vansor but when a large number of dwarves arrived in the town and took all the jobs (the employees favoured dwarves for some reason) he decided to go eelsewhere for work, and came across an old map which had Charbridge marked on it. Brannigan has had a deep resentment towards Dwarves for stealing jobs and ruining the beauty of Vansor.

When one of Branngian’s friends (Torinn) wanted to go and investigate some Kobold caves to find out further information about his past, Brannigan went with him. Theren and Marrit Ironfist also joined them.

In the empty caves they were set upon by hundreds of rats all eager for the taste of flesh. Brannigan bravely put himself in between the hoardes of rats and his friends and suffered a semi-herioc death in the process.

His friends will never forget him.

Brannigan was one of the heroes of the story

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Brannigan Greenwood

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