Life in Chaos' Heart

A Sad Day

Session 3

The group returned to Charbridge carrying the severed head of the Orc they’d found in the catecombs. The presented it to Borrin Moontone, the priest who had sent them on the errand. While they were speaking, a group of watchmen began to persue Jamaskos – brannigan joined the chase, while the others simply watched. Jamascos was eventually arrested, and the group – minus the tiefling – went to see Darrin. The party was keen to find out more about King Coronas. Darrin had an extensive library below his home, and allowed the group to look around it. As they entered the library, they were confronted by a spectral woman, who required to answer 3 questions to prove that they were worthy to read the ancient books. They found some promising information, which Darrin promised to continue looking into on their behalf.

The group then went to a cave for some reason, where there were lots of rats. Brannigan fought hard, but was eventually overxome by the rats and died. The group discovered some charred remains of something, and returned to charbridge, carrying the dead halfling.

Doings in the dark

February 4th 2010, 19:00

Our heroes from the bar fight (and Jamaskos) were joined by Theren, a warlock, for their search of the tombs. They crept quietly down the ancient steps into the catecombes, which serve as a tomb for the respected dead of Charbridge. Upon reaching the bottom, Torrin noticed movement in the ceiling and shouted “BATS!!” which disturbed the bats and sent them flying noisily away deep into the tunnels. A few members of the party grumbled that they’d now lost the element of surprise against the intruders, while Torrin gleefully scooped up some of the bat guano. As he straightened up, a soft groaning could be heard in the dark. The group froze to listen, the groans sending chills through them until Brannigan leapt forward and jogged into the tunnels. The others quickly followed and they soon found themselves entering a large cavern in which some ghouls and a wraith attacked them. The group fought bravely and eventually destroyed them.

Following the fight, the group explored a few rooms leading off the cavern, in which some coffins lay. They looted the coffins, and then, in a display of extremely un-watchman-like behavious, Brannigan proceeded to defecate on the deceased! This shocked the others, but they were unable to prevent him from doing this on several bodies. During their explorations the group found a few zombies in a tunnel. This fight proved difficult as one of the zombies was in a hole in the tunnel roof – attaching them from above. The heroes eventually triumphed and enountered a ghost guarding the tomb of the great King Coronas. He forbade the group to continue down the tunnel (probably wisely given Brannigans presence), but informed them that 3 orcs had been in the tombs recently. The group explored further and discovered a dead orc on the ground – the head some distance from the body. Marrit examined the head and noticed that it’s skin was not the paler blue hue of the Hammerfast orcs, but the dark grey of the mountain orcs.

Bar Fight!

It is a quiet day in Charbridge. Some of the residents are enjoying a drink in the Roundhouse Tavern when the sounds of fighting cut through the conversation. The sounds are getting closer and closer, until suddenly a hobgoblin bursts through the window of the tavern. Brannigan Greenwood, a member of the town’s watch grabs his weapon and prepares to defend the pubs patrons. Seeing the halfling squaring up to the goblins, some of the other patrons also took up arms. Torrin, a dragonborn monk uncurled from his meditations, and the dwarf warden Marrit Ironfist downed her pint and took up her battleaxe. Jamaskos a nearby tiefling also joined the fight, revelling in the chaos.

Marrit was a little unsteady on her feet, and seemed unable to land a blow on the hobgoblins as they poured in through the broken windows. She stuck close to Brannigan, believeing him to be the weaker of the party (yes, dwarves can be heightist too!) but he managed to land far more blows than she did. Torrin unleashed several devestating attacks, scattering hobgoblin corpses in his wake. Jamascos got so carried away in the fight that when the goblins had been beaten back, he turned on the terrified patrons, inflicting a ringing blow on a 1-armed man who just happened to ba the landlords son!

The landlord refused to speak to the group of fighters until Jamaskos had been removed from the premisis. Marrit, Torrin and Brannigan obliged him and shoved Jamaskos outside. The taven landlord was extremely grateful for their help and promised them free meals in the future.

As the group congratulates themselves on a job well done, a man approaches them and tells them that they have seen suspicious types lurking about the cemetary. He is concerned that this is linked to the unnusual timing of the hobgoblin attack and implores the group to inspect the vaults.

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