His clan was attacked by mysterious invaders/pillagers when he was only about 1 year old. He managed to run away from the fight and was later found by some human folk passing by. He was taken in by a human family who named him Tony Shalhoub. Tony found it hard to fit in in the town of Woodsedge that he was brought up in. As Woodsedge is so remote the townsfolk had little experience with non-humans and so Tony was treated more of an outsider, often being taunted by the other children.

At the age of 10 during one of his daily barrages of abuse he confronted his bullies. In the midst of the childish war of words a stone was thrown and struck Tony on the head. His anger got the best of him and as he screamed at his attackers suddenly he blasted forth a plume of flame that engulfed them, severely burning them. The town cleric managed to heal the children, but so shocked with what he had done Tony fled to the nearby Monastery of the Morninglord (dedicated to Pelor). There he learned to channel his inner turmoil through the martial arts. In the monastery library he found many books on his race, the Dragonborn. He was inspired by the honourable nature of his race, took the Dragonborn name Torinn, and swore to uphold the ideals of honour. 122020 ghendrin final2 lr web

After many years at the monastery, Torinn’s teacher and friend Pieter saw that although Torinn was content in his life he wasn’t truly happy and so insisted that he travel out into the world to “discover” himself and meet other people (they may not be as bad as Torinn fears…). Not long after leaving the monastery he met a caravan of traders. To Torinn’s surprise he recognised one of the trinkets – it was his mother’s necklace! He demanded to know where the trader had obtained it and was pointed in the direction of… Charbridge! So now, at the age of 20 Torinn has set out on his own to find those responsible for the slaughter of his biological family, and right the wrongs of the outside world…


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