Marrit Ironfist

Dwarf Warden - defender of others


Marrit wields a battle axe, and has developed warden powers that draw from her deep love of the mountains. Rock, thunder and lightening are all part of her armoury, and she wields them with caution, mindful of Lafringoghs warning to avoid petty conflict.


Marrit is the only daughter of Starven and Etty Ironfist. Starven is the owner of a general store in the city of Hammerfast, and has a small position within the local council reporting the concerns of the local citizens to those higher up.

Starven and Etty had planned to pass the store to their daughter to run when they became old, but Marrit hated the thought of being stuck in the dark, stuffy shop all day. She preferred to be out in the mountains with her friends, breathing the cold, clean air. During the friends trips into the mountains, they often encountered a group of young orcs from Hammerfast. One of whom, Gruna was particularly nasty. While the mixed population of Hammerfast tended to co-exist peacfully, Gruna had a volatile nature and seemed to foster a genuine hatred of Marrit. As Gruna’s father, Vigrish, was on the same council as Starven, Marrit learned to hold her tongue to prevent causing problems for her father.

On one occasion however, Gruna boasted of all of the things that she had stolen from the general store, and how weak and pathetic Starven had become. She said that he was more like a gnome than a dwarf and was not fit to wear the Hammerfast Horns (a ceremonial horned helmet worn during council meetings). Marrit saw red. She roared in fury and lunged at Gruna. To Marrits astonishment, as she lunged, a hail of rocks soared beside her, hurling into her opponent. The sky darkened and the mountain shook and a few boulders tumbled down onto the tussling pair, knocking them both unconsious. As she lay dazed, Marrit had a vision in which the local mountain deity came to her and asked her why she had summoned him. Marrit stammered incoherantly, having no idea what he was talking about. Seeing her confusion, the deity (Lafringargh) explained to her that her desire to harm Gruna had summoned him to her aid, and that she had the ability to summen other dieties to her aid when she needed them (he stressed the NEED part quite strongly!). As Gruna began to stir, he warned Marrit to use her power wisely in the defence of others, and to avoid petty conflict.

Gruna stood shakily and cursed at Marrit, vowing revenge as she turned and headed back to Hammerfast. When Marrit herself returned to town, she was met by her mother, who warned her that Gruna had been making a fuss about her injuries to Vigrish who in turn had stormed over to the store and started a huge argument with Starven. Starven was defending his daughter, calmly stating in his booming voice that Marrit would not have lost her temper without provocation. It was clear however, that Bruna’s father would not be appeased until Marrit was put on trial before the council and punished for her violence. He made it clear that he wanted Marrit to be given the maximum penalty for interracial acts of violence – death.

Starven agreed that there should be consequences for the incident, but argued that death was too harsh a penalty for a scuffle between youths. The argument continued long into the night, and when dawn broke, Starven and Vigrish left for the council chambers, each vowing to abide by the decision of the elders. Two full days passed before the pair emerged from the council chambers. Starven looked visably older as he informed Etta that Marrit would stand trial before the council, and that the death penalty was likely. Being a proud man, Starven intended to keep his promise to abide by the councils decision, but Etta had made no such vow and smuggled her daughter out of the city while Starven slept. She warned Marrit never to return, and not to try to contact them. Etta hugged her daughter tightly, then turned back towards Hammerfast.

Marrit spent a few lonely days wandering the mountains until one night, Lafringargh appeared in her dream and gave her the name of a dwarf in Charbridge who would help her, along with directions to the town. Marrit awoke the next morning with renewed purpose and followed the directions Lafringargh had given her. His directions proved true, and upon her arrival, she was easily able to locate the sorcerer Darrin, who agreed to put a roof over her head and teach her to control her innate warden abilities in exchange for Marrits help around the home.

The days passed peacefully in Charbridge. Marrit quickly learned how to use her power and she and Darrin became good friends. All of this changed however one day in the Roundhouse Tavern…

Marrit Ironfist

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