Life in Chaos' Heart

Whine and Spirits

Having fought a bunch of irate spirits that had burst through a wall, the group decided to repair the wall in order to contain the spirits within, thus protecting the house of those old elvey people we met earlier. After repairing the breach, the group decided to walk along the top of the wall to seek out any further gaps in the wall.

Walking along, they saw a giant spirit absorbing smaller spirits into itself. This was bloody creepy. The group watched for a moment, mesmerised, until the big spirit came close enough for Marrit to twat him with her axe. Mac was curious about the absorbing thing, and wanted to find out more. He hopped down from the relative safety of the high wall into the midst of the spirits in the hope of becoming possessed and communicating with them. Promptly possessed and dominated, Mac initially found himself unable to communicate with the spirits, and the rest of the group was too busy trying to eliminate the attacking spirits to help him.

After Therin, Torrin, Marrit and Orion reduced the number of spirits slightly, Mac was able to question the large spirit. The spirits demanded that the group leave them alone and allow them to pass beyond the wall back into the realm of the living, were they would taste food and touch cats and stuff. The group stood firm in their mission. No spirits were to pass beyond the wall. They had to be stopped. Therin threw Macs protective amulet to him, breaking the possession.

Bleeding badly, but determined to go out with a bang, Marrit hopped down from the wall to deliver a powerful lightning attack to several foes, before being hoisted back to safety by a bloodied Orion. Finally succumbing to her extensive injuries, Marrit slid off the other side of the wall to shelter from the attacks, just as the final blows were struck by her friends, and the spirits faded into the air.

The group agreed to camp on the safe side of the wall. Tomorrow they will head into the heart of the forest to close the rift into the shadowfell.



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