Life in Chaos' Heart

When Lost met Supernatural

As dictated by Chris's iPad.

Previously on wife in chaos is hot the adventurers enters the forests of the dead and at first had a fight with some random monsters torrent me the day Chris nearly cried and then when they eventually one that finds. that should be eventually they win the fights and then they move on. They then came across a cottage in a clearing with a few other adventures outside and during the find some black mist watch more smoke which was later wrecked cons intervened black smoke would leave unconscious. that should be read conned. wrecked conned MetaCom. met conned you know changed in hindsight rack conflict interchanged.


Anyway during the finds the smoke the black smoke or should I say white smoke would be unconscious bodies and enter the bodies of the adventurers and take them over. find is quite find equals fight this thing is useless fight fight fight. find equals five no fight you idiot.

As I recall Marett have the most trouble with the white smoke eventually we all got into the cottage where an old couple lived torrent used salt to walk all the windows and entrances as he suspected that the white or black smoke was daemons off the show supernatural. I’m tricking the possessed adventurers to come over to the front door torrent whipping quickly open the door and throw salt in their face. this is caused the adventurers to fall unconscious and the white smoke left their body and estate round the back of the house. The old couple told us that they have lived there since the dawn of time and have been regarding some sort of portal to the realm of dead death or something like that. The old woman for some reason seems to really fancy Mac and wouldn’t stop touching him. After having a nights sleep the adventurers set off to track down the portal and close it when they got to the portal that or white smoke monsters Patacsil Gareth’s character Orien fell over it’s face and was unconscious for the rest of the fight. the flight went quite well and the adventurers eventually beat the monsters and now it’s left them to close the portal.



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