Life in Chaos' Heart

The Heart of the Matter

Having apprehended the nefarious Derk, Our intrepid heroes proceed to lead him to Charbridge, where he will face justice at the hands of the city watch. Along with Derk himself, the party had collected odds and ends of evidence against him. A book of Evil Rituals For Dummies, and a bag of magically invigorated human hearts. Marrit lead Derk along on a length of rope, like a dog on a leash, while Torrin carried the evidence. Maybe we should have given it to somebody less hungry and more vegetarian…

On arrival in Charbridge the group soon heard the sounds of fighting, and rounded a corner to find some of the city watch engaged in fighting a group of nasty wotsits and their grunts. Completely forgetting about their prisoner, Marrit legged it over to where a pair of grunts was kicking a guard as he lay on the ground. Orion and Mac scaled a nearby ladder onto a rooftop to get a better view of events, while Theren trailed behind Marrit – keeping his distance from the smelly grunts. Torrin went around the other side of the building to engage from a different angle.

Marrit made short work of the grunts, making protecting the fallen watchmen from the vicious attacks of the grunts her priority, while the others took care of the big guys. Poor Theren must have been pretty tired, and failed to land a single hit through the whole encounter. Orion and Mac made great sport of attacking from higher ground. Orion scored two critical hits with his Twin Strike move, causing an arrow to pass straight through one foe and kill another standing behind. Mac leapt from the roof to brawl with a dude on the ground. Torrin ploughed through foes with unusual vigour.

Suddenly a killing blow from Mac caused blood to splash into Orion’s luscious elven locks. At which point he went into a strop like a big girls blouse and he and Mac started scrapping. The fight was abruptly halted when Theren gave a shout and sprinted towards Derk, who’d only just thought to make a run for freedom. Orion fell down the ladder in his haste to get back onto solid ground – if Derk had got away, Orion would not have been able to clear his name.

Having rescued the overwhelmed guards, the group continued on to the watch-house, where they presented Derk and the evidence. Although the bag of hearts seemed lighter than it had been, nobody had the heart (ha ha!) to count them. The Captain of the Watch accepted the evidence presented, along with a list of helpful witnesses, as sufficient to prove Derks guilt, and thereby absolving Orion of suspicion. Mac, however; almost got himself arrested by using his heavy-handed seduction techniques on the watch captain, who was distinctly unimpressed.

Following a celebratory drink and a good night’s rest, the party prepare to resume their quest, venturing into the Forest of the Dead. Sounds delightful!



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