Life in Chaos' Heart

Here Be Giants! (and old men)

Session #593

The previous session ended with us chasing an archer through the woods. We eventually arrived at a clearing, where four giants came out of hiding to ambush us. Blocking our escape was an Earth Giant, Stone Giant, Frost Giant and a Fire Giant. Just as the battle was about to commence a strange little old man appeared from the bushes, accompanied by seven canaries. He called us by name and infused us with some of his energy. The giants packed quite a punch and their defenses were strong, but with the old man’s help we managed to defeat them. We only had one near-death experience where Mac had to take a death saving throw. He saved against death and the old man healed him up.

After the battle the old man revealed that he knew us all quite well, and after closing a rift in the fabric of reality he told us where to find more rifts. He then ran off with one of Torinn’s prized shurikens. We searched the area and found a crap load of treasure. After completing our mission (delivering food and medicine to some needy deaf children) we headed straight for Moniford’s shop to buy some awesome magic equipment.



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