Life in Chaos' Heart

Doings in the dark

February 4th 2010, 19:00

Our heroes from the bar fight (and Jamaskos) were joined by Theren, a warlock, for their search of the tombs. They crept quietly down the ancient steps into the catecombes, which serve as a tomb for the respected dead of Charbridge. Upon reaching the bottom, Torrin noticed movement in the ceiling and shouted “BATS!!” which disturbed the bats and sent them flying noisily away deep into the tunnels. A few members of the party grumbled that they’d now lost the element of surprise against the intruders, while Torrin gleefully scooped up some of the bat guano. As he straightened up, a soft groaning could be heard in the dark. The group froze to listen, the groans sending chills through them until Brannigan leapt forward and jogged into the tunnels. The others quickly followed and they soon found themselves entering a large cavern in which some ghouls and a wraith attacked them. The group fought bravely and eventually destroyed them.

Following the fight, the group explored a few rooms leading off the cavern, in which some coffins lay. They looted the coffins, and then, in a display of extremely un-watchman-like behavious, Brannigan proceeded to defecate on the deceased! This shocked the others, but they were unable to prevent him from doing this on several bodies. During their explorations the group found a few zombies in a tunnel. This fight proved difficult as one of the zombies was in a hole in the tunnel roof – attaching them from above. The heroes eventually triumphed and enountered a ghost guarding the tomb of the great King Coronas. He forbade the group to continue down the tunnel (probably wisely given Brannigans presence), but informed them that 3 orcs had been in the tombs recently. The group explored further and discovered a dead orc on the ground – the head some distance from the body. Marrit examined the head and noticed that it’s skin was not the paler blue hue of the Hammerfast orcs, but the dark grey of the mountain orcs.



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