Life in Chaos' Heart

Bar Fight!

It is a quiet day in Charbridge. Some of the residents are enjoying a drink in the Roundhouse Tavern when the sounds of fighting cut through the conversation. The sounds are getting closer and closer, until suddenly a hobgoblin bursts through the window of the tavern. Brannigan Greenwood, a member of the town’s watch grabs his weapon and prepares to defend the pubs patrons. Seeing the halfling squaring up to the goblins, some of the other patrons also took up arms. Torrin, a dragonborn monk uncurled from his meditations, and the dwarf warden Marrit Ironfist downed her pint and took up her battleaxe. Jamaskos a nearby tiefling also joined the fight, revelling in the chaos.

Marrit was a little unsteady on her feet, and seemed unable to land a blow on the hobgoblins as they poured in through the broken windows. She stuck close to Brannigan, believeing him to be the weaker of the party (yes, dwarves can be heightist too!) but he managed to land far more blows than she did. Torrin unleashed several devestating attacks, scattering hobgoblin corpses in his wake. Jamascos got so carried away in the fight that when the goblins had been beaten back, he turned on the terrified patrons, inflicting a ringing blow on a 1-armed man who just happened to ba the landlords son!

The landlord refused to speak to the group of fighters until Jamaskos had been removed from the premisis. Marrit, Torrin and Brannigan obliged him and shoved Jamaskos outside. The taven landlord was extremely grateful for their help and promised them free meals in the future.

As the group congratulates themselves on a job well done, a man approaches them and tells them that they have seen suspicious types lurking about the cemetary. He is concerned that this is linked to the unnusual timing of the hobgoblin attack and implores the group to inspect the vaults.



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