Life in Chaos' Heart

A Sad Day

Session 3

The group returned to Charbridge carrying the severed head of the Orc they’d found in the catecombs. The presented it to Borrin Moontone, the priest who had sent them on the errand. While they were speaking, a group of watchmen began to persue Jamaskos – brannigan joined the chase, while the others simply watched. Jamascos was eventually arrested, and the group – minus the tiefling – went to see Darrin. The party was keen to find out more about King Coronas. Darrin had an extensive library below his home, and allowed the group to look around it. As they entered the library, they were confronted by a spectral woman, who required to answer 3 questions to prove that they were worthy to read the ancient books. They found some promising information, which Darrin promised to continue looking into on their behalf.

The group then went to a cave for some reason, where there were lots of rats. Brannigan fought hard, but was eventually overxome by the rats and died. The group discovered some charred remains of something, and returned to charbridge, carrying the dead halfling.



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