Life in Chaos' Heart

A bit of a ding-dong in a cave

Having been asked to solve a murder that had taken place in the village, the party reluctantly agreed to clear Orion’s name – though they were getting a bit sick of Orion’s stories, which invariably began promisingly, with the promise of great adventure and debauchery, and ended with a pile of poo being deposited somewhere unpleasant. Through careful investigation and sheer dumb luck, the party identified the killer as Derk, who had absconded to a nearby cave to hide out.

The party bimbled off to the cave, expecting a miner kerfuffle, and then a triumphant parade as they marched the killer back through Charbridge to meet his fate. However it quickly became apparent that Derk had picked this cave not as a hiding place to remain undetected, but as a place where nobody who valued his skin would dare to enter. Sucks to be us right now…

Entering the cave the intrepid group were immediately faced with a bunch of fire bats, and a giant nasty thing. Killed that and moved on. We put the ‘efficient’ in ‘super-efficient’.

As the party explored the cave, they realised that they’d have to cross a lava pit in order to progress deeper. Some of the party members were pretty athletic, the others were about as athletic as a 1-legged tortoise. In a rare display of teamwork, the party joined forces to help everybody cross unharmed.

Moving deeper into the cave, the party became aware of the chatter of voices at the entrance of a large chamber. They stopped, and Mac and Marrit attempted to creep forward to see who was in the chamber. Sadly, Marrit has all the stealth of a one-man-band and attracted the attention of some fire bats and kobolds. Marrit charged the fire-bats while the others pressed into the chamber to meet more firebats and the advancing horde of kobolds as they streamed through a narrow section of the cavern. Theren lifted his arm and muttered some fancy words, and as if by magic the kobolds all dropped stone dead! Awesome!

Hearing the commotion, a blue dragon appeared from somewhere and started to attack Marrit. Mac stepped forward to help and the two of them pounded that thing into dust. Derk then made an appearance but was unable to see short-stack Marrit behind a flaming Brazier. Orion stepped to the fight and let his fists do the talking. CRITICAL HIT!! I dread to think what Orion’s fists said with that hit – probably insults about Derks trouser-snake and a disparaging remark about his mother. Oh and something about poo. Torrin, Orion and Theren kicked the crap out of Derk until he surrendered.

Having cleared the chamber, the team set about looting the bodies of the fallen and the various chests and stuff in the room. There was some great treasure to be had. Orion and Theren got some new armour, Marrit found a new shield, and Mac and Torrin got some stuff too…

Armed with their new looty goodness, the team will now escort Derk back to the village to triumphantly announce their success and claim a reward.



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